Closed Sunday, Oct 13th at 2pm

Closed Sunday, Oct 13th at 2pm

We will be closed today, Sunday, October 13th at 2pm due to the weather. Sorry for any inconvenience!

October Flavor of the Month:  Pumpkin Pie

October Flavor of the Month: Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie is back. This has been one of our most popular flavors that we've ever created and you've been asking when it'd be back and that time has come! We use real, dried pumpkin and not just the pumpkin spice you'll find in most fall recipes to give that perfect Pumpkin Pie flavor. Come check it out, we think you’ll love it as much as we do!



This flavor really flew off the shelves in September, so we've decided to add it to the menu full time! Come get your bacon fix whenever you get the urge.

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What is Kettle Korn?

Kettle Korn is a variety of popcorn that is typically made with Corn, Oil and salt just like regular popcorn, but it also contains sugar to give it a sweetness and texture unlike regular popcorn

Is it Gluten Free?

YES! We only use Corn, Oil, Salt and Sugar in our original recipe and our flavorings are gluten free as well. Eat up!

Is it Peanut Free?

YES! Uncle Dave's Kettle Korn is peanut free. The only oil we use is 100% Non-GMO Certified Corn Oil and minimal amounts of Soybean Oil

Is it Vegan?

YES! Our original recipe only contains Corn, Corn Oil, Salt and Sugar!

Is it really Heart Healthy?

Yes! Uncle Dave's Kettle Korn contains zero cholesterol, zero trans fat and has low sodium and is a certified heart healthy snack.